Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday morning without the girls ....... but with Hope Faith & Charity

This morning has been strange as the girls stayed at their Nana's ( my mum who is 83 years young) 
 last night - she took them to our Churches Together Harvest Supper.Having just spoken to them before they left for church it seemed they had a wondeful time ...... beetle drive, pie & peas ( not keen !) and going to bed late ( liked ) & generally being spoilt ...... Nana's creams,perfume,lotions & potions etc.
What precious times these are. 

It seems very quite ...... I have just listened to my favourite sunday radio programme with Aled Jones.This inspired me to take a photo of my favourite picture or should I say of Victorian craft work ' HOPE FAITH & CHARITY.

And the best news on this sunday morning is I may be able to drive next wednesday after a check up with my doctor.Yippee


  1. Calling by from Sunday Song to listen to your choice but could not find it :( Never mind another time, meanwhile good to meet you.

  2. Those are lovely pictures - how have they been made? Despite being a Christian, and having spent a good chunk of my life in Victorian Methodist church buildings, I find a lot of Victorian religious art very gloomy. I love the way that these three are very lively and cheerful!

  3. That's what Nana's are great at..spoiling little ones!Those pictures are fantastic and hope all goes well at the doctors,xx