Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thought this was My Anniversary Present ..............

Mr Lumb came home with a beautiful Dolls House and I was so Happy .......... until he told me he had bought it to sell.How disappointed I was.

So I thought before it went to another home ( whenever that might be) I thought I would share some photos of it.I have insisted it must go to a good home !

It has wonderful old furniture which is probably older than the house ...... some Art Deco, pretty iron beds & so much more.
Hope you like this as much as I do. xx


  1. Oh what a shame it looks lovely too. My sister in law bought my daughter a dolls house complete with furniture and dolls -nothing as grand as the one in your picture - and she barely played with it. I donated it to a charity shop in the end!

  2. What a sweet little house, hope it goes to someone who loves it, Lucey xx

  3. oooooH it is divine hun! its sure takes me back! when I went over to my Mums the other week we had a clear out and right at the back of a very dusty cupboard was my retro 1960's dolls house! I could never part with it! but i left it at her house to keep it safe! oh I so feel for you having to sell it :(

    I hope you are properly on the mend now hun :)

    Speak soon

    Love Happy xx

  4. Oh my goodness it's super (I don't think I'd let hims sell it)

  5. The house has now gone .......... to a good home I may add :)