Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Our Rosemary with her Cobwebs & Flowers .................

Well lets begin why I've not been blogging - since last friday we have all, at different intervals over the weekend, had a sickness & the other bug :(

Not pleasant as I seemed to be getting away with it when on monday I came down with the sickness part
except it seemed to attack my whole body (maybe something to do with my operation and still supposed to be doing nothing !)
Today I feel much better but have an awful taste in my mouth .. like metal ? any clues anyone?


I looked outside and saw beautiful cobwebs all around .... strange as it's a gloomy day.

Our Rosemary with her Cobwebs !

And my day then got better

 Then there was a tap at the door and it was our postman with a parcel for me ....
when I came to open it  .... out came a beautiful card with fresh flowers inside.
I have never seen anything so gorgeous - it was from my special Aunties (who are sisters)...

A beautiful Flowercard

Thank you God for bringing us true delights .

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Coffee Morning with THE LEPROSY MISSION

What an enjoyable morning I had today - every
 tuesday I go to our
 Churches Together 'Hope' Coffee morning - today it had a
twist as we visited by James Grieg,our area co-ordinator
for The Leprosy Mission.He showed 2 dvds which were
 very moving ..... one was about a young boy called
Sanjaya  who is 13 year old & is from Nepal who lives in constant pain BUT never complains.
I would be overjoyed if some of my new blog friends would visit
the website 
and read about the wonderful
 work that they do - maybe even thinking if they could do something to help.
I had a copy of the book ' The Island' by Victoria Hislop 
(what an amazing read) which was set
in Greece on the island of Spinalonga and was centered
around leprosy - my idea was that we would pass
 the book aroundand when you had read it,write 
your name in the front & pay £1.
We only started this 3 weeks ago & only had one copy .....
if only I had thought of it earlier.
as we still managed to raise £7.Overall today we raised  £100.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 20 September 2010

Baking Delight .. Our Mother-In-Laws Madeira Cake

What a lovely time I had baking with my girls
yesterday - we made a Nigella cake called

' My Mother-In-Laws Madeira cake' 

and were thrilled when it came out of the oven
and looked something like the cake that was in the book !!
The girls both said ' take a photo and put it on your Blog ' ...........
 so I am doing what my 4 & 5 year old 
told me to do !! 
and it tastes delicious

Our Mother-In-Law's Madeira Cake

Sunday, 19 September 2010


This not only one of my favourite songs but also my girls - who know every word much so their
Grandma is making them a ' Coat of many Colours' each and it will be sewn with love.

Linking to Sunday Song

Sunday morning without the girls ....... but with Hope Faith & Charity

This morning has been strange as the girls stayed at their Nana's ( my mum who is 83 years young) 
 last night - she took them to our Churches Together Harvest Supper.Having just spoken to them before they left for church it seemed they had a wondeful time ...... beetle drive, pie & peas ( not keen !) and going to bed late ( liked ) & generally being spoilt ...... Nana's creams,perfume,lotions & potions etc.
What precious times these are. 

It seems very quite ...... I have just listened to my favourite sunday radio programme with Aled Jones.This inspired me to take a photo of my favourite picture or should I say of Victorian craft work ' HOPE FAITH & CHARITY.

And the best news on this sunday morning is I may be able to drive next wednesday after a check up with my doctor.Yippee

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful all Creatures Great and Small

What a beautiful day - it makes all the difference to wake up and see that its going to be
bright.It makes me think of the hymn - 'All things bright and beautiful all
creatures great and small' .... even the cows looked happy this morning !

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thought this was My Anniversary Present ..............

Mr Lumb came home with a beautiful Dolls House and I was so Happy .......... until he told me he had bought it to sell.How disappointed I was.

So I thought before it went to another home ( whenever that might be) I thought I would share some photos of it.I have insisted it must go to a good home !

It has wonderful old furniture which is probably older than the house ...... some Art Deco, pretty iron beds & so much more.
Hope you like this as much as I do. xx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

One of the Views from our House .......... But not Today sadly

The forecast for today said 'sun' ........ well it will have to work very hard to appear as it is so gloomy out.
On leaving home for school the girls asked what had happened & the little one said 'God must not be working today' oh to be so sweet and innocent !
So here are some photos taken on a bright September day last week.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Cushions - Why have one when you can have Many ?

Having thought what should be my first photo I decided on one of my favourite cushions - made by a very talented friend.

To say I have a problem with cushions is an understatement ..... I must have used every excuse when a new one appears in the house Mr Lumb has now given up asking !!

A New Day

At last my blog begins in earnest - the last 2 weeks have been hard as my body is recovering from a hysterectomy and my mind is recovering from the anaesthetic !

Everyone keeps telling me to rest and not do too much however it almost seems impossible when you have 2 girls of 4 & 5 - life has to carry on ........ disco dancing,swimming,Rainbows & the rest.

Warm Wishes for this September day