Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Coffee Morning with THE LEPROSY MISSION

What an enjoyable morning I had today - every
 tuesday I go to our
 Churches Together 'Hope' Coffee morning - today it had a
twist as we visited by James Grieg,our area co-ordinator
for The Leprosy Mission.He showed 2 dvds which were
 very moving ..... one was about a young boy called
Sanjaya  who is 13 year old & is from Nepal who lives in constant pain BUT never complains.
I would be overjoyed if some of my new blog friends would visit
the website http://www.leprosymission.org.uk 
and read about the wonderful
 work that they do - maybe even thinking if they could do something to help.
I had a copy of the book ' The Island' by Victoria Hislop 
(what an amazing read) which was set
in Greece on the island of Spinalonga and was centered
around leprosy - my idea was that we would pass
 the book aroundand when you had read it,write 
your name in the front & pay £1.
We only started this 3 weeks ago & only had one copy .....
if only I had thought of it earlier.
as we still managed to raise £7.Overall today we raised  £100.

Thanks for reading

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  1. This is a great Mission and it is working so well, isn't it? I just can't get over how much the situation has improved since I was a child and helped at my grandma's Leprosy Mission coffee mornings! Thanks for reminding me how important their work still is. They have a very good Christmas Gift catalogue, if I remember rightly...