Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Our Rosemary with her Cobwebs & Flowers .................

Well lets begin why I've not been blogging - since last friday we have all, at different intervals over the weekend, had a sickness & the other bug :(

Not pleasant as I seemed to be getting away with it when on monday I came down with the sickness part
except it seemed to attack my whole body (maybe something to do with my operation and still supposed to be doing nothing !)
Today I feel much better but have an awful taste in my mouth .. like metal ? any clues anyone?


I looked outside and saw beautiful cobwebs all around .... strange as it's a gloomy day.

Our Rosemary with her Cobwebs !

And my day then got better

 Then there was a tap at the door and it was our postman with a parcel for me ....
when I came to open it  .... out came a beautiful card with fresh flowers inside.
I have never seen anything so gorgeous - it was from my special Aunties (who are sisters)...

A beautiful Flowercard

Thank you God for bringing us true delights .

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